Is it Legal to Buy a Degree?

If you are looking to buy a degree off the internet there are a variety of sites to choose from. Many people have always wanted to have a PhD from Harvard, but don’t have the smarts or hundreds of thousands of dollars to get it. Purchasing a diploma online is a fun idea for entertainment value, but is it legal to purchase one for professional purposes?

Why Would Someone Want to Purchase a Diploma?

Other than the obvious reasons of wanting an authentic looking diploma on your wall to wow you friends for entertainment value, why would someone want to purchase a degree? Well, in today’s competitive market, there are a number of valued answers. In order to get a top job in management, or to become a member of the white collar work force, you now have to hold a degree in order to acquire that position. With the increase in education levels all of over the world, this piece of paper is one of the easiest ways to get into the job that you have always dreamed of, or maybe not?

But, can every citizen afford a degree nowadays? What if you really, really want a job and need a degree, but you don’t have the time or money to spend in order to obtain it? Ah, the answer now lies in buying a degree. You can go to a variety of different websites that will print you off a diploma package, including a degree and other valuable papers that you might need in order to pass off successfully completing education. It is perfectly legal for these companies to produce this product. If there is a demand, there will be a market. Most purchasable diplomas are just under $300, and you can order one for an Associate’s Degree all the way up to a professional PhD. In less than a week, it will be delivered to you, and you then have the option of using it as you wish- but beware. There is a catch.

Is It Legal?

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It is legal to buy a degree off the internet – you can own as many as you like from as many colleges as you like. This looks great on your wall, but the catch is… you can’t pass it off that it is real. So, if you are looking to utilize it for professional purposes, although it was legal for you to buy, it is not legal for you to tell a prospective employer that it is real. This is considered fraud and falsification of records, which can not only cheat your chances at your dream job, it can also get you arrested. Can the companies that produce them get into trouble? No, because they do not tell you how you can use it. They produce the product for entertainment purposes, not for actually use and representation.

This obviously makes sense. A company expects that you have acquired not just the degree, but the knowledge that it takes in order to obtain it. A degree is a manifestation that you have completed the necessary work in order to successfully learn the skills needed in order to get a job in that particular field. If you purchase a degree in biology, and can’t even name the parts of a cell, then you will not be able to perform well in this field. An employer has every right to check to see if the credentials that you present are real, and if it comes up that the degree is false, and it was just purchased, you are going to know what a different kind of cell is.

Who Are You Really Fooling

Besides, who are you really cheating, just the employer? A college education takes dedication, financing, management and work. Those who obtain it the traditional way sometimes have to fight their way through, but in the end holding up that diploma can be the top accomplishment in their lives. The endless hours of studying, the critical tests that they have to pass, and the abundance of knowledge that they gain by purchasing their degree by actually taking the class is insurmountable.

If you think that you can just purchase a degree online without having to do the work, you are just fooling yourself, not just the person you are attempting to scam. We always try to find the easy way out of hard work, but in the end, it just isn’t worth it. Sure, it is easy with a click of a button to order a diploma, but did you earn it? Do you have the knowledge it takes to possess it? If it is fake diploma, fake knowledge is ok. But if it is a real diploma, you have gained the real knowledge that it takes to obtain it… which takes longer than five days and $300.

How Does an Employer Check?

caution if you buy a degree online
If you are wondering how an employer checks, that is easy. They can simply call the school that you say that you graduated from, ask them the date of your graduation, and solidify the information that you have given them. How embarrassing would it be if you tried to pass off a diploma that you got online, saying that you earned a Bachelor’s Degree from John Smith University, and they have no record of you? Plus, many times an employer can request transcripts from the university that you graduated from as well, to look at your courses and grade point average. How would you feel if asked to present this information and were unable to produce? Think that this will only affect the job you are applying for? No, it can bring serious personal and professional consequences that you may not want to deal with.

At the end of most job applications, it requires a signature asking whether or not the information that you have provided is accurate. If you sign your name, you are legally stating that all information is true. If an employer finds out that your education is false, they can rightfully request prosecution, for it was a waste of their time and it could cause potential harm to the company if you were hired. Let’s say they find out before you get this job- remember word of mouth travels fast. Not to mention, the amount of professional humiliation that you will have endure would be devastating.

Although it is perfectly legal to purchase a product like this online for entertainment value, it is not legal to pass it off as real for any purpose. If you are looking to buy a degree online, there are a number of sites to choose from, just make sure you understand the ramifications if your motive surpasses just for entertainment purposes only.